Sunday, February 6, 2011

TheHolyBookOLies (part 1)

There is someone right in front of me
Full of such true beauty
Someone I hoped not to feel for
But it's too late to close that door
She fills me with such desire
She is the fuel to light my fire
She will never see me in this way
So please just let me say
That you are so beautiful
And maybe this love could be whole.

You lied to me, I fell for you
You broke my heart; my love was true
I sit here now, in puddles of tears
Knowing you are all I have to fear
My heart wants you forever more
Please don't turn and walk out the door
Because if I ever meant anything to you
Then you know that this is true
Each step you take, I sit here crying
While inside I'm silently dying.

The feel of her embrace
A kiss that leaves a taste
Her smile and her eyes
You'd never make her cry
In this place where all your dreams come true
All you want is for her to love you

All her dearest are gone
Scared away by the blood
All the truths are left untold
Every lie will stay written on her face
Tears in her eyes, she wonders why
She walks to the door
Nothing to take, no one to tell
She doesn't look back
For the memories tear her apart
Her heart is torn
She stares at the scars on her flesh
She is broken
Not physically
But deep within the soul
The scars will always remind her
She pulls out her sole belonging
A blade
As the skin breaks, she sees blood
The same blood that left her alone
Tears stream down her cheeks
She puts the metal to her neck
She feels no pain as she falls to the ground
Tears in her bloodshot, brown eyes
Only moments later, she walks by
She sees the unknown body
And vomits in the gutter
Had she been seconds earlier
Her life would be spared
For this was her savior
The friend she never had

Colors swirl all around
Then slowly fade away
The pain begins to cease
Yet the blood continues pouring
There's no one left who cares
As darkness takes her over
The blood is changed
It's darker now
And death is in the air
No one sees her tenebrous nature
She always seemed so happy
And as she exsanguinates
She is malevolent toward those people
The ones who pinned her as cheery
Yet the one who truly killed her
She only wishes well
For she loves this one more than her life
And that is why she's dying
She gave up her life for love
Sad, but true
And no one is crying
Now the colors fade away
As love and mortality fail her

Why am I such a troubled chiled
You should just take a file
And file my face away
Erase me from today
Erase me from tomorrow
There will be no sorrow
Once I've disappeared
No longer one to fear
Love, lust
No one to trust
Messed up once
And now I'm done
Gone, goodbye
Because I wondered why
I'm such a troubled child
I've been here all the while
These feelings never fade
I just take it day by day
Maybe I should run away
Because this love is here to stay
I finally do something to be proud of
Yet I still stand here, misunderstood
I'll hide in my hood
Run away from my feelings
At least those that aren't healing
But the question lingers on my mind
I'm such a troubled child, why?
The times you deceive me the most
Are the times that I need you the most
I'm such a troubled child
And you are why I am so beguiled

The beauty that surrounds me is wonderful
The look in your eyes is beautiful
My heart has never felt this way before
I'm ready to spread my wings and soar
How can I show you
How can I tell you
How I'm feeling inside
You don't even know me
I'm invisible, but please see
In you I want to confide
The sweetest love of my life
I stare at you from from away
Try to think of what to say
You're all that I want to see
You're everything beautiful to me

With every word I say
I wish I could fade away
Take back what I said
I would rather be dead
I want to break down and cry
But can only manage a sigh
Why do I make it so tough
Always traveling through the rough
So beautiful that it's tragic
Now surrounded by this static
Seeing your flaws and falls
Makes me feel better, that's all
Everyone has a problem
Faces some kind of goblin
So bring me down
Bring me crashing to the ground
My wings refuse to open
In the turbulence, they were broken
Fly me up into the sky
Fly me up so high
They try to ground me so I'll fall
But then I hear the stars call
Whispering "the sky's the limit"
To unleash my sins, I'll admit it
But the sky is only the beginning
To my world free of sinning
My lies are truths, my truths are lies
I'm all wrong in their eyes
Just for someone to be proud of me
Love and support I so desperately need

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