Friday, December 16, 2011

Rhyme 22

Just six feet away
But worlds apart
Too far to detect
A faltering heart
Time ticks on slowly
Space stretches wide
For a moment I believe
That I'm on your side
The chasm creeps closer
I begin to fall in
With no place to run to
And no hope that I'll live
I fall down beside you
To land six feet under
Somehow by your side
I'm lost in the wonder

Friday, August 12, 2011

Rhyme 21

So cryptically blue
That wide eyed stare
As it permeates through
To a waking nightmare
Reality untouched
No truth, no substance
Crude morals, all rough
And lost in the trance
Now a fissure licks through
Time and space open up
Past and future, as two
Collide in chaotic disrupt
The face melting event
As we rush in to see
Starting where we once were
Ending in what's still meant to be

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rhyme 20

Engrossed by the end
That will be the demise
Of all of the things
I once helped to rise
Fascinated by dreams
Manifest fantasy
Until eyes open to
The check of reality
Now midnight blue skies
Emit blue consciousness
Questions unanswered
And lost in the mist
When nothing is clear
And sore eyes can't see
Feels like no one is there
With a hand to guide me
Love in my bones
All that I instigate
Who knew love once was
The companion to hate
I will not pretend
I'm immersed in this cloud
But it has coated my eyes
In a thick, heavy shroud
Waking up
Starting slow
Step by step
Toward the glow
Rush to the end
When there is no need
For as time goes on
It will proceed
Fall into the truth
Come crashing down
Twirling through the air
When I crash, I'll break ground.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rhyme 19

Secrets remain invulnerable
Vulnerable remained my secret
Promises I meant to hold
When feelings began to mold
Tall hypothetical tales I create
Repetitious lies of fate
In the unknown, finding fixation
Struck breathless by the coloration
Of light dancing in your iris
Like the fog strolling in, weightless
The winter breeze had given me chills
I ponder alone, roaming coastline to hills
To be reborn where this treasure was found
Unanticipated, gleaming, you unwound
I'm a fragile newborn lain before you
The waves ripple, distorting a true view
When it is time, do you have the key?
When all is said, will you still be there for me?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rhyme 18

Lost in those fantasy eyes
That drip my dreams as they cry
Wipe them from your cheek, my dear
For I have something you must hear
That kiss I left will last forever
On your skin, it will grow better
For all distance and all of time
It will remain fondly as mine
Whether together or apart
You are stained onto my heart
Never to be bleached away
For it has made me who I am today
And as we wander into who we are 
The cosmos wrote it in the stars
That we should cross paths in the sky
And I'd find my way inside your eyes

Rhyme 17

I hope you know
That just because
I couldn't show
You the right love
Does not mean
That all is lost
For I am keen
On minimal cost
I have a heart
I am not tin
Play the part
For us to win
One day we'll see
Just how to live
To be carefree
And I will give
The world to you
We can crack it
Find what is true
And know that that's it.

Rhyme 16

I always saw that I might fall
En route by the galactic butterfly
But knowledge knows I'm on my toes
To find the way at the end of the day
Brush the dirt from this tattered skirt
And walk on, until I have gone
Inch by inch to escape the pinch
On stepping stars that take me far
To where my mind may unwind
The grinding brain that drives me insane
To understand why I am man
Once I see what is within me
Is nothing more than the melodic score
That is in you, too, and that gets me through