Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rhyme 8

Fuck it
I never said I'd try
It's been raining outside
And I'm losing my mind
Sit here and type
Don't believe the hype
Wish I could wipe
This from my memory
Whether just you or me
Or together as we
Just a little shy
And the question why
But I just sigh
Fuck it
While rain falls like tears
Looking at this whole year
Looks just like a spear
Shooting straight for me
I jump up in glee
And take it painfully
Never understood where
I would lose all my hair
While you just stare
As it falls out in clumps
All because of this slump
Why can't you just hump
Fuck it
You don't want me
I see that obviously
You don't try to be
But it's all okay
As we sit here today
Because we'll both play
For the position we're in
This way we'll both win
Have hearts made of tin
Until the night ends
And then we'll be friends
The feelings I'll spend
Fuck it

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