Friday, February 25, 2011

Rhyme 13

I am what I am
Nothing more, nothing less
Who can guess
Who I'll be in the morning
I am a shooting star
I fly far into the heavens
There was never
A time I wouldn't fly to you
I am a winter breeze
Across the seas and through the trees
Can't help but tease
Because my soul is made of ice
I am a candle's flame
Going insane with the heat
Watch me eat
Consume this god forsaken city
I am flesh and skin
Wearing thin, the barrier's breaking
As I'm waking
To the truth of reality
I am a little girl
Hair in curls and makeup on
Singing pop songs
In the backseat of my mama's car
I am piece of life
A simple slice of a larger pie
And when I die
I know the baker will be waiting

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