Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rhyme 6

In my wine, I find
Reflections of that
That is on my mind
Forever and for always
I want to be with you
For all of our days
Until our skin starts to melt
Into waves of wisdom
Like my heart felt
When it melted for you
On that very first morning
When your sweet morning breath
Without any warning
Swirled clouds around me
I was in Heaven
Such glee, such harmony
And the alluring itch
In your warm green eyes
To touch, to kiss
You will be my demise
In the years to come
When our hair starts to gray
We'll know that we have won
That crown of silver
So I will take your hand
And come down with a shiver
Because on our first date
When you held my hand
Fate met its mate
Now I breathe you in
You're all the air I need
And I transcend your skin
Into your bloodstream
Floating through blood as red as wine
I look up from my glass
Into your face, so fine
Consume my wine
The dream is before me
Consume my mind
And let the fantasy be

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