Monday, January 17, 2011

Rhyme 2

Strike a match and throw it down
Watch as my kingdom burns to the ground
The flames of desire smolder to ash trails of lust
And in this freedom, I feel a fiery trust
I trust in the Greek and the might god Zeus
Who, in fear of man's power, split us in two
Condemned to roam earth, incomplete
Always in search of that missing piece
Baby, I didn't know I was broken in half
Until that first time I heard you laugh
Saw your eyes gleam with joy and delight
It was by far the most beautiful sight
I lost something then that I cannot retrieve
A vital, valuable part of me
See, my heart beat so fast it flew out of my chest
And in your hands, it came to rest
See how lucky we are, you and me?
I thank my stars infinitely 
Above Zeus' wrath, there was a fate
For my soul on earth to find its mate
Together we possess the power he feared
So, baby, let's use it to engineer
A kingdom of love and harmony
A kingdom for both you and me
This kingdom exists everywhere we go
From San Francisco to Tokyo
It's really quite easy to pack and move
Because baby, my kingdom is only you.

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