Friday, May 20, 2011

Rhyme 20

Engrossed by the end
That will be the demise
Of all of the things
I once helped to rise
Fascinated by dreams
Manifest fantasy
Until eyes open to
The check of reality
Now midnight blue skies
Emit blue consciousness
Questions unanswered
And lost in the mist
When nothing is clear
And sore eyes can't see
Feels like no one is there
With a hand to guide me
Love in my bones
All that I instigate
Who knew love once was
The companion to hate
I will not pretend
I'm immersed in this cloud
But it has coated my eyes
In a thick, heavy shroud
Waking up
Starting slow
Step by step
Toward the glow
Rush to the end
When there is no need
For as time goes on
It will proceed
Fall into the truth
Come crashing down
Twirling through the air
When I crash, I'll break ground.

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